my favorite sustainable swim suit

June 10, 2021 – Y’all. I have recently returned from a glorious long, long weekend vacation in Puerto Vallarta and I am in my happiest form. Relaxed, tanned, and ready for summer! I don’t know why I never considered doing a tropical vacation over Memorial Day weekend, but it is truly the best. You leave still in a “spring” state of mind, live in swim suits for a few days, and return to full-out summertime. 10/10 recommend.

Although the all-inclusive resort we stayed at was far from sustainable (pick your battles), you guys know I’m trying to build a more ethical closet and resort wear totally applies! I’ve been skeptical of Everlane previously because of their response to workers’ complaints, so I watched at a distance. This year, I’ve seen them take some steps toward change. It’s tough, especially with cancel culture running amok, but I have to believe that this brand is trying to be better.

The visibility that they’ve brought to sustainable supply chains can’t be ignored either. Before Everlane, there weren’t really any clothing companies that were 1) demanding suppliers’ fair treatment of producers, 2) building in more sustainable practices to production, 3) purchasing and distributing at such high quantities, AND 4) selling at accessible price points. Now, some may argue that perhaps you can’t be purchasing in those large quantities and maintain ethical/sustainable practices. Some may also say that other companies were doing that at higher prices because that’s what it should cost. And others would say that Everlane’s prices are still not accessible.

The harsh truth? There will probably always be something wrong with ethical and sustainable companies. It’s next to impossible to make it in a capitalist society without standing on the shoulders of someone else. But that’s a whole different story! Yikes, I’m getting off topic.

What I wanted to share with you is that I decided to try out Everlane for the first time. And I am actually so glad that I did, because it brought this sunny little beauty into my life:

Introducing… Everlane Swim!

Everlane’s Swim line is made entirely from recycled nylon (part of their No New Plastic initiative). And it fits like a dream. Seriously, I haven’t had a swim suit fit this well in maybe forever. The bikini bottoms give enough coverage and rise that you don’t have to be concerned about the dreaded swim suit wedgie OR a missed wax (yep, I’m going there). Hallelujah!

I tried both the triangle halter and the square neck. Ultimately, I = chose the square neck because it’s so comfortable, gives great support, and is a little different from what I usually go for in the bikini realm. I also wanted something that I could wear to bike around Chicago and play beach volleyball – this fit the bill! The best part of the top? It has a clasp back and adjustable straps that move like butter. I don’t know how to explain this or why I’m so obsessed with how the straps adjust, but it’s just such a pleasant experience.

There are more styles (triangle, tie-front, one-piece, high-rise bottoms). Although I have heard that the one-pieces are not tall lady-friendly – anyone else have a 5 ft long torso?? It’s tough out here. They have some fun colors, as well as neutral black and white options if you’re not trying to mess with color. I surprised myself with the yellow because I would normally NEVER go for yellow, but I thought, “let’s be adventurous, Em” and here we are!

This swim suit was a staple for my Mexico trip and will accompany me to many bodies of water in the future, I’m sure. I paired it with a dreamy cover-up that my mother bought for me at TJ Maxx in preparation for this trip – so sweet, right? And with my new favorite sandal…

Nisolo Huaraches

These strappy wonders are the best summer shoe around. They’re breathable but protect your feet, the sole is sturdy and supportive but also sleek, and you can tell the care that goes into handcrafting each shoe. I’m always a fan of Nisolo’s work (speaking of supply chains, I think they have one of the best in the ethical fashion business!) and knew I needed a pair of their signature huaraches to run around with in the warm weather. I sized up a half size and they’re roomy without falling off my feet. I probably could’ve gotten away with a 10 because I’ve heard they stretch with time. We’ll see how that turns out!

Anyway, it’s 2021 folks and if your swimsuits aren’t sustainable yet, they should be. There are so many options for recycled swimwear!! Check out this awesome round-up from The Good Trade if you want some great alternatives. And of course, the rest of the Everlane Swim line!

Do you have any favorite sustainably or ethically made swim suits or resort wear? I can feel this MDW travel trend continuing in the future – drop your recommendations below!

Finally, a special shout-out to my best friend (cue “Best Friend” by Saweetie ft. Doja Cat) Hannah for standing in the hot Mexican sun to take these photos on the last day of our vacation. I appreciate your support of my blog AND my procrastination habit. Love you!