handmade + dyed silk scarf

We are truly in the heat of the summer, y’all. (Young the Giant reference, for those who are wondering). When it’s this warm, I’m always looking for easy ways to accessorize that can also be flexible. Jewelry can feel extra sticky and heavy. Layers should be minimal. So a scarf? You betcha! I found this beautiful hand-dyed silk scarf from NADE Studio a few months back and immediately grabbed it. It’s so versatile through the seasons and has the perfect weight to it.

I know, scarves aren’t the first thing you think of in the summer months, but silk scarves are actually super breathable and light! They can also double as a hair tie for those really warm days to pull your strands out of your face.

I paired this burgundy number with a simple white tee (only $10 right now!) and jean mini-skirt for the ultimate lazy-girl style.

White t-shirts are a must-have, I always stock up on a few in the summer. They’re easy to throw on to go to the beach or park and not attract the unwanted heat that dark fabrics do. Normally, I snag these at Target or Gap, but in light of my more intentional style journey here, I opted for a few versions from Everlane. I’m wearing a medium here and it’s the perfect length/fit.

My jean skirt is an old purchase from Madewell, so not quite sustainable, but neither is clothing waste! I get a lot of wear out of it, too. Here and here are a couple similar versions. And lastly, my favorite Rothy’s black slip-on sneakers that quickly became a closet staple after I bought them before my month and a half long trip to Europe and East Africa. They were 100% necessary and yes, I know they’re a bit expensive, but totally worth it if you can splurge. If you’re ready to do it, use this code for $20 off your purchase!

What do you do to accessorize in the summer? Any tips or tricks? Drop them in the comments below!