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November 11, 2021 – OK, I’m being dramatic. It’s not really winter yet. Leaves are still on trees, we haven’t hit sub-zero temperatures, yada yada. But as it turned from sunny, warm days to 50ºF and grey skies, I switched to my winter wardrobe and noticed something for the first time: I have a cold weather uniform.

As I hung up the clothes in my closet from their space under my bed (hi, city life!), I saw a trend growing. Oversized sweaters + medium-dark wash jeans + boots, over and over again. And I can’t say I was mad about it.

Anyway, I was back in Michigan this weekend and I realized I had brought this very same uniform with me (go figure) so why not share it will you all?

Oversized Sweater + Jeans

Easy, thoughtless, yet still classic and chic! It’s no wonder I’m obsessed with this combo. Especially since I got these straight-leg jeans that are both comfy and rigid enough to be considered true pants. The “cheeky” fit is a game-changer for getting rid of that pesky waist gap, but it has also burned me after eating too much too quickly. Yes, I will go there. PLUS they’re the perfect length for boots (hitting just slightly above the ankle) and the fringe detail is my way of being edgy. I’m not edgy at all.

This sweater is old (and definitely not ethically made), but I found a couple options from two of my favorite brands lately – this more classic mockneck version and this cashmere stroopwafel version. Do you guys like the stroopwafel trend? I’ll be honest, every time I see it, I just think of my trip to Amsterdam.

Ankle Boots

I’ve had these black heeled booties for a while now, in case you couldn’t tell from the clear wear in that second photo. But I absolutely love them – whether brand-new or worn, I think leather boots pull together an outfit like no other! I’ve had my eye on this ethically-made pair lately. It’s always good to have a replacement lined up, especially when you live in a city and do a lot of walking, even in the cold weather months. Seriously, I’ve re-soled shoes too many times to count. Poorly-made shoes are the reason I have trust issues.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of fall foliage and a glimpse at what I’ll be wearing the next time you see me in cold weather. À bientôt!



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