what is an intentional lifestyle blog?

April 15, 2023 – Hi friends! If you’ve landed here, this may be your first introduction to my site, so welcome! I’ve thought long and hard about how I wanted to create this space (many of you will remember different forms of my blog from years passed) and I’ve finally settled on this: an intentional lifestyle blog.

What does that mean? It means that I’ll be sharing musings from my life, which I hope to lead intentionally, ethically, and to its fullest extent. I spent the first part of my career steeped in the artisan sector, which helped me discover some pretty amazing ethical brands that I want to share with you all. However, if I said that everything I own or use is ethically-sourced, artisan-made, or sustainable, I’d be lying. It’s a personal mission I’m always striving for, but I recognize my own humanness and how that can mean I’ll still probably purchase some things from Amazon and J Crew.

I also really hate to throw out any clothing that I have already that doesn’t fit under this category – just because I definitely underpaid for it and understand the importance of garment workers’ rights, doesn’t mean that I will add to the environmental waste that the clothing industry produces and just toss them. I actually have a Poshmark precisely for this reason, if you’re in the market for any 2010s preppy/college staples (mildly embarrassed to admit I’m a recovering Lilly Pulitzer fan).

I would, however, like to try to create a more sustainable closet, household, and lifestyle with small, intentional changes (there’s that word again!) that real humans can pull off. This isn’t a space for aspirational living or perfect pictures; it will be curated, but one thing is for certain – you will always know what I’m thinking and/or how I feel.

TLDR: it’s part accountability, part goals, part reality, and 100% life!